Is It the Right Choice?

Is Collaborative Law the Right Choice for Me?

  • You want a civilized, respectful resolution to your divorce or other family issues
  • You would like the possibility of a friendship or at least cordial relationship with your partner after the divorce
  • You would like to be able to co-parent your children together after the divorce and in the best way possible
  • You and your partner have friends or family in common that you want to remain connected to
  • You value your privacy and you do not want the details of your problems to be aired in the public court
  • You value control and autonomous decision making and do not want to hand over your decisions of child-rearing and/or financial support/division to a complete stranger (i.e. judge)
  • You both want a more creative and individualized range of choices available to you for resolving issues
  • You understand that conflict resolution with integrity involves not only achieving your own goals, but finding a way to achieve the reasonable goals of the other person
  • You and your spouse will commit your intelligence and energy toward creative problem solving rather than toward recriminations or revenge and trying to resolve the problem rather than fixing blame

The collaborative law process helps the parties achieve a more enriching, long term resolution.

Need Help Determining & Accomplishing Your Primary Goals?

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