Online Divorce Mediation

*Please Note: We use the Platform Zoom (free download) for our online mediations which can be used with any computer, laptop, iPhone or Android phone. All online video mediations continue to be secure and confidential.

At Nason Divorce Solutions, we have been following the legal developments associated with COVID-19 and Coronavirus. We know this has had an impact on clients,  upended lives and routines. As an essential legal service, Nason Divorce Solutions is working and available to keep your divorce or divorce mediation on track and help you through this difficult time. 

We can and have been handling all normal divorce and divorce mediation related tasks online through video conferencing. We are following all social distancing recommendations and are using technology for the duration of this stay at home period to make it easy and simple for our clients to use online divorce mediation. Videoconferencing is as simple as clicking on a link and entering a Meeting ID and Password. All meetings and mediation sessions continue to be confidential and secure.  

Nason Divorce Solutions has used online divorce mediation as an option for dispute resolution for years.  Now, more than ever, with clients experiencing delays in the court process, online divorce mediation is an immediate and viable option. 

Get Help with Online Mediation

There is no need to put off your divorce mediation. If you want to keep the process moving forward, please give us a call now at 617 236-1800 or email us at