Uncontested Divorces

What is an “Uncontested Divorce”?

An uncontested divorce is where both parties agree to the terms of the divorce settlement without going to trial. Uncontested divorces move much faster through the court system than contested divorces, because they bypass lengthy litigation and the trial process. As a result, uncontested divorces are generally less expensive, reduce hostility between spouses, lessen the impact on children and allow parents and family to move forward with their lives.

Couples seeking divorce should first consider working out the mutual terms for their separation without going to court and asking a judge to make the decisions that can affect the rest of their lives. If the two spouses can overcome disputes, reach agreement and come to terms, they can submit papers to the court and seek a divorce. If both spouses cannot resolve the issues on their own, they may want to consider using mediation, with or without attorney representation.

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Benefits of Uncontested Divorce

  • The process is often less time consuming
  • More cost-effective than litigation or other divorce alternatives
  • Less emotionally burdensome on everyone
  • Allow divorcing families to move on more quickly with their lives

Do You Have an Uncontested Divorce? Check for These Signs.

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