Many couples cannot expect that their lives will remain the same for years to come. Job loss, job promotions, and changes in employment can all create a material and substantial change in circumstances warranting a modification of your previous Divorce Agreement or other Judgment of the court. In addition, most common are modifications of existing alimony and child support orders, health insurance, life insurance and parenting plans.

The First Step

The first step to any type of modification of your divorce judgment or any other type of judgment is to consult a lawyer and make sure that in fact your case does warrant a modification. If your case does warrant a modification, you may be able to resolve your changes through mediation in a more amicable manner outside of court.

Attorney Barbara Nason Can Help

Barbara Nason can assist you with your modification through mediation, collaborative law, or by negotiated settlement. By resolving and modifying your agreement outside of court, you and your former spouse can save time and expense, which should ultimately result in a more satisfactory and workable resolution.

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