If you are contemplating divorce, you will want an experienced lawyer to protect your interests and help you through the process.  The emotional challenges you face during a divorce can make it nearly impossible to make objective decisions that are in your best long-term interests.  You want a compassionate attorney who will listen and protect your interests and who has successfully helped others find a respectful resolution in similar situations.

We Can Help with Respectful Resolutions

At Nason Divorce Solutions, we know from experience that the divorce process involves great emotional and financial hardship.  If your marriage is coming to an end, Barbara Nason and her staff realize that you are concerned about many issues: the welfare of your children, your current and future financial situation, your debts and liabilities, your home and other assets that you have worked hard to obtain and how you will handle the responsibilities ahead.

Barbara believes that most disputes can be resolved respectfully outside of court through mediation, collaborative law or negotiated settlements.  These forms of alternative dispute resolution are confidential, more cost-effective than litigation and provide you with more control over the outcome and how it impacts on your life and family.

Need Help Determining & Accomplishing Your Primary Goals?

Attorney Barbara Nason will work with you to determine your primary goals and help you accomplish them respectfully. Contact Attorney Barbara Nason at 617 236-1800 for an initial consultation.