Guidance from the Probate & Family Court now has a guide on its website for Probate & Family Court FAQ’s related to Coronavirus (COVID-19). It is divided into three sections:

General FAQ’s
Parent Education FAQ’s
Fiduciary Litigation Session (FLS) FAQ’s

The guide outlines what matters are deemed an emergency, circumstances which would deem a non-emergency matter an emergency, how to submit both emergency and non-emergency matters, Probate and Family Court questions, parenting time, child support, guardianship, interpreter services, and free low cost legal information.

Parent Education FAQ’s answers questions about what temporary changes have been made for Parent Education Program attendance. It also outlines what classes are being offered remotely and the availability of classes.
Fiduciary Litigation Session (FLS) FAQ’s outlines what the FLS deems emergency matters, how to file an emergency matter and who to contact at FLS with questions, including filings and fees.

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