The Divorce Mediation Process During the Pandemic

What should you do if you want to get divorced during the pandemic? You should consider divorce mediation. The pandemic has slowed many divorce proceedings. Many state courts are closed or are working only on an emergency basis which adds more stress to an already difficult and emotional process. Divorce Mediation can help you move things forward in a smart and cost-effective way.

Mediation can assist a wide range of couples and people in several stages of divorce. Those considering divorce as well as those in the middle of divorcing are playing a bit of a waiting game. It also affects people who are long divorced and those who are seeking reduced support payments during this time of economic shutdown.

If you are thinking of divorce mediation, please contact Nason Divorce Solutions and we can get the process started. In this difficult time, there are alternatives to the court system for couples such as divorce mediation.
Mediation is where a mediator helps the couples hash out the particulars of their divorce while also having lawyers advising them and working with them throughout the process.

In normal times if these options don’t work, couples may end up back in court to negotiate their differences. However, with the huge backlog in the courts today there is incentive for couples to stay the course with mediation. Support payments and particularly spousal payments are difficult issues to settle but are better settled out of court for the clients.
When getting a divorce, dividing assets. What assets are worth after this economic downturn is difficult to say. Couples may have to accept less, particularly if a business is involved.

During this time of uncertainty, may spouses may need to renegotiate their support payments until things return to normal. It is important for spouses and ex-spouses to work together whenever they can through mediation to resolve these issues outside of court as they will save time and money.
Please contact us at Nason Divorce Solutions and we can walk you through the online divorce or online mediation process. We can discuss with you how the family court is operating in Massachusetts. What are your best options and your best courses of action? Oftentimes we can solve your family law and divorce issues with our efficient divorce mediation process before moving ahead with Divorce Litigation.